Friday, August 8, 2014

Call for GMs - the Time is Now!

If you're interested in running something at Trident, please drop me a line ASAP - by the end of this weekend (the 10th).  It's time to start getting the con program together!

We're particularly looking for GMs interested in running on Sunday or Monday (as you can imagine, Saturday is a popular timeslot request).

Send me a short proposal with the following:
* Session Title
* Game System
* GM
* # of players you can take
* descriptive blurb of the scenario
* make sure to note whether you'll have pregens available, whether folks should bring their own PCs etc
* your preferred timeslots (Sat/Sun/Mon, early 11-4 vs late 5-10).  First/second choices appreciated!  Trying to play Tetris with the schedule over here!

Trident is just over two months away!

Seize this opportunity to impress or humiliate fellow game-masters with your mad skills.

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