Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two Weeks...

Just two weeks til Trident!  Wow, that snuck up fast.

Remember to go to the CardBoard Meetup for non-PFS sessions, and the Pathfinder Society of Baltimore Meetup to sign up for PFS sessions!  Signing up for sessions is a good idea - there's only so much space at CardBoard.

Watch this space in the next few days for an update on parking and nearby food joints to assist in your planning.  And if you have a weather control machine, it's about time to get it spinning...


Monday, September 15, 2014

Game Registration Is Now Open!

Game registration for Trident has begun!  All of the non-Pathfinder sessions are up on the CardBoard Gaming Meetup - get your shark-tail over there and check it out!  The Pathfinder Society sessions will be up soon on the Baltimore PFS Meetup, so keep your eyes peeled over there if you're a Pathfinder!

A few guidelines:

1) GMs, you do not need to RSVP for your session.  Those are player slots!

2) I currently have the "+1" guest function turned off in hopes of having names to go with the registrations.  If there is great brouhaha over this choice, I can change it back, should already be registered on the Meetup, and so should your pal who's riding down in your vehicle.

3) You will notice that the sessions are 11-4 and 5-10.  Some games may not need five hours, but we'd rather have some buffer - we hope that will make food runs and pick-up gaming easier.

There's a lot of gaming goodness going on...

For Dungeon Crawl Classics we are offering six different sessions - you could potentially play nothing but DCC all three days!  Those sessions include original adventures by Peter Seckler and Noah Stevens, Peril of the Plague Pirates, Circus of Devils, and a special DCC sci-fi romp entitled Raid on Tetsuo-13. And don't forget the published material from Zzarchov Kowolski, Michael Curtis, and Harley Stroh like The Sea Queen Escapes, Under the Waterless Sea, and Tower of the Black Pearl!

For Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League, the action starts Sunday with Shadow on the Moonsea followed immediately by Secrets of Sokol Keep!  This is your chance to catch up on those Expeditions you might've missed.  (Psst - probably more 5e sessions on the way)

But there's more... on Saturday you can playtest a forthcoming rpg, Break!! with the author, Rey Madrinan, and explore The Echoing Cavern.  And you can check out the Dresden Files rpg with Joy and Michael and investigate Something Something Cthulhu.  That doesn't sound dangerous at all!

And on Saturday only, you can learn to play the miniatures game Sails of Glory, as Cap'n Jacoby will be giving demo games all day!

Slots might fill pretty quickly...better hoist your sails and head over to that Meetup!