Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thank You!

This weekend, while TridentCon was going on, someone asked me "What does success look like for this?"  I didn't have a good answer, but gesturing around the room seemed to do the trick.  Throughout Saturday, as I stepped outside to cool off, I enjoyed the sight of cars triple-parked in a tiny game-store parking lot.  That's what success looks like.  I am immensely pleased with how the whole thing went.

It wasn't all perfect or without potholes, of course; the printer sent only women's t-shirts, for example.  That was certainly unexpected.  (We'll see about more t-shirts in the next week or so, watch this space).  But all in all, it went great.  Saturday was insane; Sunday it felt like we had a handle on things; and Monday was quiet and pretty chill.

Here's the 'by the numbers' breakdown:

RPG sessions run: 18, plus lots of Sails of Glory and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game throughout the weekend

Participants: about 55 unique gamers throughout the weekend by my unscientific count

PC Tombstones added to the wall: 16

Minutes it took to destroy the stack of pizzas on Saturday: 3.5

Money raised for Wounded Warrior: $337

We had people come in from as far as Connecticut, and a handful were up from Virginia as well.  The store (and backyard) were full of laughter and I-can't-believe-that-just-happened moments, as you would expect.  The sessions were full of pirates, ghost ships, evil fish-men, swinging from the rigging, swashbuckling, ancient Atlantean hooha, and more.

Thank you to everyone who participated - a gaming gathering is nothing without players!  Extra thanks to the volunteer GMs.

Special thanks to Matt Hudson, the local Pathfinder Society Venture Captain, who took care of things on the Golarion side of the con.

Special thanks to Travis Lerol, Roger Beaudry, and the crew at CardBoard Gaming for hosting and putting up with all of this.

Another tip of the tricorn to Gus L, who provided the Admiral Fish logo.

And a further, very important thanks to the following people and publishers who provided prize support:

Brendan at Bedrock Games

Zzarchov at Unofficial Games

Rachel at Legendary Games

David at Okumarts

Pete at Small Niche Games

Trey at Armchair Planet

Jon at Purple Sorcerer

Mark at Purple Duck Games

John at d20pfsrd.com

Brett at Precis Intermedia Games

Richard at New Big Dragon

It was a serious prize pile, both physical and digital.  Tridenteers waiting on digital prizes should see something later this week.  (Yes, 'Tridenteers' is the word I'll use now for attendees)

At another point during the weekend, someone else inquired "Are you guys going to do this next year?"  I only know that Travis and I agreed to discuss that matter a few weeks from now once we'd both caught up on sleep.  If you came to Trident and had a great time, let us know.  I want to hear your thoughts - what works, what didn't work, ideas for a hypothetical next time (with a different theme of course), and so forth.  And I especially want to hear tales from the table I might have missed, or updates down the road on how you used a prize you received at Trident.

Thanks again for joining us!

Erik Jensen
Trident Organizer

The adventures of Admiral Fish...continue?

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